Vessel Health Products is a company that sources, imports, and exports high-quality products both internationally and locally. Vessel products are FDA-approved import/export company, and we source a range of safety products, including personal protective equipment (PPE), for hospitals and major businesses.

With an established office and representatives in Southeast Asia, our global market reach and expertise provide value to the healthcare industry and other organizations here in the United States. We are able to actively vet manufacturers to ensure all products we source are compliant with all necessary regulations (our products are NIOSH certified, ISO certified, and CDC approved). We work closely with our customers to handle the logistics and supply chain management — from ordering, to shipping and order fulfillment. 



At Vessel, we promise to source and provide high-quality products that meet the most stringent safety standards. Our supply chain is robust enough to meet the needs of major healthcare organizations, yet we are nimble enough to partner with smaller companies to ensure you have the products you need, when you need them. 



Leadership Team

With over 20 years of relationship building and expertise in the healthcare, high-tech, and manufacturing industries, Vessel has developed a global supply and distribution channel. We have a supply chain team located in the Philippines, as well as distribution partners and suppliers located in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.

Vessel Health was founded on the principles of its parent company Vessel — to bridge the gaps between products and people, to proactively address problems that arise in that process, and to provide outstanding value whenever possible.

Vessel Scale - Sales and Marketing Expertise

Vessel SCM + GTM


Based in Boise, Idaho, Vessel is a Supply Chain Management and Go-to-market  agency which focuses on helping businesses increase revenue generation and achieve better client acquisition and retention. Vessel partners with businesses to develop informed strategies through sourcing, supply chain logistics, market research of customer sentiment, sales channel development, go-to-market strategic planning, and import/export viability. Click Here to learn more about Vessel SCM + GTM

Developing Global Relationships

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As part of Idaho's Governor Brad Little's most recent trade mission between Idaho and Taiwan, Vessel (previously SMHeuristics) was a part of the delegation that reinforced existing relationships in Southeast Asia, as well as furthered business development efforts with companies in the healthcare, tech, and manufacturing industries. Culminating in this visit, Vessel secured six MOUs — specifically two with the Taiwan Federation of Medical Devices Commercial Associations (TFMDCA), and the Taipei Medical Instruments Commercial Association (TMICA).

Over the next two years, Vessel worked with helping Taiwanese companies sell in the United States, while establishing strong partnerships in the import/export channels between Southeast Asia and Idaho. 

Importing in a Time of Need

As COVID-19 began affecting countries around the world, major healthcare systems and hospitals began to experience a shortage of PPE and other necessary medical equipment as a result of supply chain and logistics systems being overwhelmed by the sudden increase of demand. What typically worked for suppliers in the past became a seemingly insurmountable challenge. 

Vessel realized its unique position to provide value to the healthcare community and Vessel Health was established as a division of the company. By leveraging our existing relationships with medical companies in Southeast Asia and our experience developing import/export channels, we are proud to be a reliable source of PPE for the workers who need it most.