Providing Protection to Those Who Need It

We partner with major hospitals and healthcare institutions across the United States to help manage your imports and deliver your supplies with confidence.

Who We Are

Vessel Health was founded on the principles of its parent companies SMHeuristics & SMH Health — to bridge the gaps between products and people, to proactively address problems that arise in that process, and to provide outstanding value whenever possible.

Our global market reach and expertise provide value to the healthcare industry and other organizations here in the United States.

Vessel Health Products Team

Our Commitment to you

Navigating ever-changing international relationships, manufacturing, product sourcing, customs, shipping rates & transit times, and direct distribution for our healthcare partners. We partner with you to help manage your imports and deliver your supplies with confidence.

Protecting those who protect us

You're on the front lines, we're behind the scenes — ensuring your healthcare workers have the medical equipment they need to ensure their health and safety. Our partners include major hospitals and healthcare systems across the United States — ranging from Idaho, to Hawaii, to California and many others. 

We believe those who protect us should receive the best — which is why we have implemented an extensive vetting process by establishing a local office in Southeast Asia to source products that meet all regulations (FDA approved, NIOSH and AAMI compliant).

Keeping you and your patients safe

According to the CDC, dental health care personnel (DHCP) should wear a surgical mask, eye protection (goggles, protective eyewear with solid side shields, or a full-face shield), a gown or protective clothing, and gloves during procedures likely to generate splashing of body fluids. We offer personal protective equipment (PPE) to address these needs. 

Whether you're looking to purchase a small quantity or to wanting to set up a consistent supply of PPE, we work with you to determine the appropriate equipment your dental office needs to operate, while making the process as seamless as possible.

Conducting Laboratory work in Safe conditions

Clinical and research laboratory personnel should be properly equipped to handle harmful viral agents or toxins in whatever level environment they operate. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) states that “all laboratory workers working with SARS-CoV-2 must wear appropriate PPE." 

All protective equipment sourced by SMH Health has undergone extensive testing and meets requirements that ensure the health and safety of researchers and lab personnel as they interact with infectious material and other harmful substances. Our masks’ bacterial and particulate filtration efficiencies are rated at 95 percent or higher, and our gowns have AAMI approved fluid resistances. All equipment we provide helps protect workers from occupational exposure and other hazards.

Peace of mind for your patrons and staff

With much uncertainty due to COVID-19, businesses (and even larger facilities like convention centers) have implemented major changes in how they carry out day-to-day operations in order to keep their visitors and patrons safe.

As businesses and larger venues reopen, new safety protocols often dictate how they must operate — and how visitors and patrons are able to interact in their establishments. It's crucial that organizations of all sizes have the protective equipment they need to continue operating, while providing visitors with confidence and peace of mind that comes with added safety measures.

Sourcing compliance

Quality Assurance

Vessel Health carefully selects and inspects the suppliers and manufacturers from which we partner and source our products. We verify that all our suppliers and manufacturers meet the necessary regulations.

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